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Download 9MM HD in Any Android Phone

9mm HD for android - makes you feel like in a shootout, where you have to jump to dodge and shoot in slow motion.Get out of the room, full of criminals.Action 9mm from gameloft becomes more realistic when everything collapses and explodes from the shootings.

Dangerous job waiting for you, armed with pistols, machine guns, grenade launchers and other weapons.You have to capture the faction leaders and informants alive, to track them down in the streets and try to talk in a dangerous situation.
Play online free play and team battle( designed for 12 players on 4 maps)

9MM / Description

9MM is a action game for android
download 9MM HD Apk + Data free Download (all gpu) for Android from  with direct link
You are John Violent Cannon – the leader of team of cops who aren't afraid to cross through the law for the sake of performance of the work. Having killed his brother, a local drug baron, and having taken with yourself some million dollars, you ran into serious troubles. Now you have only one way: despite of the law to kill the leader of a gang before he crushes your team. You are waited for by dangerous work, so arm with guns, shot-guns, machine guns, grenade launchers, etc. You should take leaders of groups and informants alive, tracking down them in city streets and trying to make them speak in not friendly situation. The game is full of drive, has excellent graphics, quite good registration, an excellent post scoring and a huge choice of the weapon. Play with your friends and opponents online in Free game and Team fight made for 12 players on 4 maps.

9MM / Screenshot

9MM / How to install

* Install APK
* After Extract RAR File 
* Change the extracted folder name [ Gloft9MHM ] TO [ Gloft9MHP ]
* Copy "Gloft9MHP" folder to sdcard/gameloft/games/
* Enable the internet connection for verify files.
* After 2nd time u can play is Offline.
* Enjoy the 9MM HD Game. 

Download link:-

Download 9MM HD

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