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How to Find Low CPC Keyword With High Volume Search

If you want to know the most powerful combination of free keyword research tools to really boost up your website's ranking and SEO, you are at the very right place.You are going to learn 2 things here.So this article has been divided into 2 parts.First, you will learn what free keyword tools are the best that can work together efficiently.The second part will show you how to do keyword research with these tools.This is going to be a very helpful article if you are looking to "Find low competition keywords with high search volume and CPC".

What is keyword research exactly?

Before jumping right in to knowing what are the best keyword tools, you must first know what actually the keyword research is.As far as I know, it is the way of finding the main phrases or key words of a particular niche that can benefit your website ranking if you use them by knowing what keywords people are looking for (Global/Local monthly searches and search volume), how much value those keywords have in advertisers point of view (Advertisers competition), and most importantly, how many high ranked websites are using those keywords (Keyword competition).If you want to do keyword research, the main things you will need to look at are:
  1. Search volume and monthly searches (Both local and Global)
  2. Advertisers bid (Higher is not always better)
  3. Difficulty for your site to rank for those keywords (The most important part)

Part 1:The deadliest trio of keyword research tools:

These tools might not be perfect when they are used alone.But when they are used in combination with each other, they can make you rich.The three keyword research tools that I am telling you about are:
  1. Google keyword planner
  3. A keyword difficulty tool

1.Google keyword planner:

Who does not know about this great awesome keyword research tool from Google?Almost everyone in the field of keyword research, from beginners to experts, knows about google keyword planner.Its pros and cons are given below:


  • It is free.
  • Gives a lot of data about the keywords.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Gives very closely related variations of the seed keywords.
  • The best for basic keyword research.
  • Has options to filter out keywords as per our needs.
Note: The seed keywords are the ones that show your main topic and are entered into the keyword tools.


  • You have to signup before using it.
  • The data given is not very accurate unless you are using Adwords to make ad campaigns (Sadly, it's true).
  • Horrible in finding very different variations/Ideas of keywords.
  • Not good if you want to find long tail keywords.

I have been using this online keyword tool for a long time now and really like it.You may or may not know about it.But you will love it when you put your hands on it.I was searching for tools that could help me in finding long tail keywords and that is when I came to know about this keyword tool.


  • It is free to use.
  • No need to signup for using it.
  • One of the best tools to find long tail keywords.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Gives different ideas for the seed keywords.
  • Gives keywords for the different sites like Google, Youtube, Amazon.


  • Does not give data about keyword ideas unless you are a premium member.
  • Has very fewer options to filter out the keywords of our choice.

3.Keyword difficulty tools (Semrush):

Keyword difficulty tools are a very easy way to find out whether your site can rank for those keywords or not?You just have to type in your keywords and they will tell if it's difficult for your site to come on the first page of search engines or easy.Now why i did not mention the name of a particular keyword difficulty tool is because there are not many such tools that are free.However, I can recommend you to use tools like KWfinder or Senrush.Don't go for the free options, they are not that good.Semrush, in my opinion, is the best tool here to find the keywords difficulty.And you can use it for free too :).

Part 2:How to do keyword research?

Now that you know what the best keyword tools are to do the perfect keyword research, you are ready to find keywords that can rank your website higher than ever.The strategy I am gonna tell you here is very easy.Even if you are an absolute beginner in this field, you can find keywords very easily.Here is the procedure to do it:
  1. Enter the main topic keywords in and download all the keyword ideas that you get.Here will help you in finding long tail keywords which is very important.
  2. Enter all the downloaded keywords to google keyword planner and filter or get the keywords having the highest number of monthly searches and CPC.
  3. Copy your favorite keywords from step 2 (With high search volume and CPC) and enter them into the sem rush keyword difficulty tool.Look for the keywords that are easy.
  4. That's it.Now you have the keywords with high search volume, high CPC and that are easy to rank your website for.What else do you want?

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