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Dragon Ball Legends APK for Android | Latest Version 2018

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Dragon ball legends apk is an upcoming game that is a sequel of game Dragon Ball Super which has now ended. The game is currently available in its beta program and will be released soon with full features but it can be still experienced and downloaded from some secure sites in Android. It is available to pre-order in the app store. The graphics are awesome i have played the game and i hope you will love the graphics of this game the download link is below for android and iOS user.
dragon ball legends apk
Dragon Ball Legends Apk is a new action fighting game for android & ios offered by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Dragon Ball Legends release date for Android and iOS devices is in Summer 2018. You can play early if you download the beta 2 apk from the link first above.Dragon Ball Legends apk brings the multiplayer PVP battles where you’ll be facing lots of other players from around the world. For now, there is no news when this game will be coming, but hey at least the game is coming. The global PVP lets all the players from around the world to fight each other. Without any region or geographical restriction, players can battle with anyone anytime, unlike most PVP games where you can only play with those who are living in the same region as yours.
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Dragon Ball Legends apk is really very cute. This is a game that Toei and Bandai Namco are betting on. The look impresses, the gameplay is well differentiated (mixes tapping with cards, but has several interesting mechanics). Legends is essentially a fighting game for mobile with multiplayer in real time.
The visual and combat mechanics are reminiscent of Dragon Ball Z Budokai. The characters appear with one in the foreground and one in the background. Combat can be both melees and ranged. Especially the limited breaks, the famous special blows like Kamehameha.
While the company is yet to fully reveal how its new mobile title will address the former – whether it will support ads, add-on content purchases or a mixture of both – it clearly gives gamers what they want. It is a game so finely and superbly tuned for its target audience that it could well become the next Pokemon Go. Better still, it’s a Dragon Ball game that could end up turning us all into Dragon Ball fans.

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